Energetic New Year

This upcoming lunar eclipse in Taurus and with 11:11 portal energies are opening the pathways for activations, revelations, clarity and ascension is speeding up. We will all be receiving a pouring of light that will allow our inner transmutation at the soul level. It is imperative that you release what no longer serves your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Detach from all negativity, from all things that you have outgrown and that includes jobs, living situations, friendships, and relationships. This is a new year energetically. We are building a stronger foundation where only values of deep and meaningful connections, things and situations that have purpose will prevail and will be the only way forward. Superficial people, living a life of pretenses, attachments to the material, fake relationships, pretending and toxic situations are no longer worthy of who we are. Releasing the past, karmic binds, outdated core programming and what’s holding us back, and what is no longer aligned with your truth will be removed. Release it with grace, love and peace, and focus on self love and on what brings you the highest joy, gratitude, peace, love, bliss and happiness for this is the true path to enlightenment and true soul happiness!

This is a powerful time…a catalyst for change. We are all transforming at high speeds. Allow your heart and soul to lead the way, you know your destined path. Follow it with courage, for this is your true north. The soul wants what the soul wants…it’s time we follow where it’s leading us. The clarity is all around. Fear not what it shows. Be true to yourself. Take the mask of and accept your truth, for you only lie to yourself. Allow this powerful energy to flow through and make the necessary choices for change. Embrace this energetic new year as a closing time, therefore I end this message with a quote from Seneca: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

-Mariela Narvaez ♥️

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