Starseed: The Initiation

Welcome, Starseed- Star-children, and Star-adults to your home beyond the stars! This is the home of The Starseed Book Series! A place where you can get to know and talk about the epic and life-changing novels.

The first installment of Starseed, the young-adult series- The Initiation was out for publication on 11-15-13!! The second installment “Blood Moon Prophecy” will be out in the Summer of 2022!

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I am so excited to share with you how Starseed became to be as well as provide you the juicy details about the characters in Starseeds: Sienna, Sabian, Chia, Andres, Moira, Tristan and much more!

I will also provide many resources about the topics I teach in the book about the following subject matter: archeoastronomy, quantum physics, energy, consciousness, meditation, dreams, lucid dreaming, teleportation, numerology, remote viewing, empathy, intuition, wormholes, spirituality, mediumship, synchronicities, fractals, sacred geometry, torus, mantras-spells, law of attraction, tarot, signs/symbols, visualization, ancient astronaut theory, astral travel, telepathy, clairvoyance, power of imagination, and the power within.

I am also attaching a link to Mariela Stewart (extasybooks.com)– Home of The Starseed Series, the mainstream imprint of Extasy Books.

I will keep you updated. Enjoy the ride…and I hope to kindle your imagination!

Mariela Narvaez

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