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ABOUT THE STAR RISE CHARACTERSIn this section you will meet and know a little bit more about the characters from the Starseed Series “The Initiation”


Sienna Sinclair thinks she is just another typical 16-year-old teenage girl (soccer player) who is trying hard to fit in with the high school crowds, which she feels alienated by. But when she refuses to fit in and instead aims to be herself, a trickle of events push for an inner change, that include being contacted by a mysterious secret society that has been safeguarding her and her family for years from the vile group the Dark Cabal. Once she meets the very secretive and handsome Sabian Aveiro, her “guardian” and member of the secret society, which blossoms a very complicated, yet deep relationship that has existed since the beginning of time. These set of events pave the way for Sienna to uncover a secret that has been kept from her all her life as well as awakening her supernatural abilities that had lain dormant within; that will trigger an inner realization that will change her life forever.



Sabian Aveiro is a 19-year-old member of the secret order who becomes Sienna’s “guardian.” Between them begins to develop a bond as strong as space and time, but complications exist that prevents them from being together. Will they reject the strong feelings that are slowly arising within, for each other, or will their love never be fulfilled in this lifetime?


Ceres is 17 years old and a member of the secret order and a new initiate in Sienna’s new class. She has some amazing powers and she is “linked” to Sabian. This link prevents Sienna and Sabian to get close. Read the Initiation how this drama unfolds.


Moira is a 16-year-old new initiate and becomes Sienna’s BFF. Follow the Starseed Series to find out more about these characters on how they rise like the phoenix from the ashes.


Tristan is 16 years old and is another of the new initiates, who has some super cool powers! He also ends up getting close to Sienna. You will have to wait to see how things evolve.


Lucia- “Chia” is Sienna’s cousin and best friend. She is 17 years old and is a very fun character. Don’t miss to see what happens to her in the following Star Rise series.

* Chia in the picture is Bella Thorne who would portray this character perfectly.


Dominica is a 17-year-old new initiate who also is discovering her unparallelled powers.


Luca is a 17-year-old new class initiate. He has some pretty cool powers.


Rocky is a 17-year-old initiate who also has some pretty sweet powers.

Meet more of the characters in Starseed- The Initiation

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