Ms. Illinois International 2022

I’m blessed to be an international state titleholder and to walk alongside my sisters as they prepare for their next level of competition in this amazing, empowering sport of pageantry. Thank you to all of the State directors that are adding this division too, so that single mothers, women who are divorced, widowed or married to a woman can stand tall in this sport and be heard and celebrated for their efforts in changing the world. I pray for the day where more national and international stages welcome us. Until then, we will keep working hard in service to our God and the assignments He has given us to support our sisters and save lives.

On average, there are 130 suicides per day and 1 million attempts every year. 

I was an attempt. My nephew succeeded in his. 

I lost my beautiful nephew Alan through suicide. He was like a little brother to me. This event marked my life in more ways than one & paralleled my own darkness and my attempt at my own life. I was in a toxic relationship and felt unworthy of living. I took pills and I wanted never to wake up again. But God had other plans. Through finding the light within me, from God, family, friends and my soul tribe, I was able to heal and transmute my darkness into light , step into my power to own my truth and love every part of who I am.

Though Alan is gone. His spirit lives with us forever. But I’m still here! My mission is to help prevent loosing more precious lives, by supporting and implementing suicide prevention programs, change legislation being awareness and be the light onto others to help them overcome their own darkness.

I’m still here, and for the millions of people in the world like myself and my recently departed nephew, I will fight for all to live. Through my work with the American foundation for Suicide prevention – I will spread awareness and raise funds so those in need know they are not alone and have support and the resources they need. 

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All pictures were taken by Matty Jacobsen

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