My Muses- The Genesis of Starseed

Every writer has their muses, and while Starseeds was created in the dream realm (you will find out more about this space in Starseed-The Initiation), and from many deep meditative states, where divine inspiration trickled down and insisted it be put on paper (or laptop-as is my favorite mode of writing).  I would also be inspired when looking at the stars- one of my favorite past times. I know many of the constellations by the naked eye, some I need my Star Walk iPhone app to help me identify many of the infinite constellations that brighten our night sky.

I have three amazing kids (the trinity): Seth, Sienna and Syler and they were my main inspiration for the creation of the Starseed Series. It is all about the challenges of growing up, finding your inner-self, listening to your soul, while discovering your identity. I tell you, being a teenager is hard work. Although my own kiddos are already teenagers, I can’t wait to see how they turn up and how they blossom in this phase in their lives, which is an ever-changing process of metamorphosis.

Sienna is the main character and I loved writing about my daughter and create this very complex, beautiful and powerful character!   Sienna Sinclair is a mix between Sienna (my daughter) and myself. Since Sienna is now 16 and in the teenage years- her personality is already shining through and is a very strong young lady.   I took from my own experiences and knowledge to create this strong heroine, that lies at the heart of every girl and boy (hero- of course!).

The most important thing to know about the characters and the Starseed book series is that it is all about discovering your inner powers (which are very real!) which will slowly awaken.

I invite you to join me on this journey, on this path of inner-realization and awakening. It is time you knew and discovered your powers.



Seth, Sienna, Syler and Mom

  Seth, Sienna, Syler and Mom/Writer Mariela

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