What is the STARSEED series really about?


Coincidentally, I found this amazing video, well it was actually more due to synchronicity and it parallels the Starseeds series in its very core. The Initiation starts an amazing journey of self-discovery of the powerful forces within us that makes us superhuman. For all those Starseeds- Star children (and Star adults) out there… it is time to awaken from the dream and wake up to your powerful potentials, which are infinite!

Starseeds Series weaves with historical accounts, astrology, archeoastronomy, quantum physics, energy, consciousness, meditation, dreams, lucid dreaming, teleportation, intuition, numerology, empathy, wormholes, spirituality, synchronicities, fractals, sacred geometry, torus, mantras-spells, law of attraction, visualization, remote viewing, ancient astronaut theory, astral travel, telepathy, the paranormal, power of imagination, and the power within.  So if you feel in your heart that you are a Starseed: Star child, indigo child, crystal child or rainbow child, and if you are attracted or interested in any and/or all of the topics mentioned above, then this is the book series for you!

Watch this video which gives a sneak-peak of the Star Rise series. Just a note- I did not make this video, all credits are given to Chemlin Productions, the creators of this amazing video.


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