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Starseed- The Initiation

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In this section, you will find all about the world- or more so- the universe of the Starseed Series! You will be able to get the publishing release dates, info on characters and the how many books will be in the series (which is still in the works).  For those of you who liked Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Wars and even X-Men, yet with a totally different transformative twist- then this is the series for you!

Starseed Series weaves with historical accounts, astrology, archeoastronomy, quantum physics, energy, consciousness, meditation, dreams, lucid dreaming, teleportation, intuition, numerology, empathy, wormholes, spirituality, synchronicity, fractals, sacred geometry, torus, tarot, mediumship, clairvoyance, mantras-spells, law of attraction, visualization, ancient astronaut theory, astral travel, telepathy, the paranormal, power of imagination, and the power within.  So if you feel in your heart that you are a Star child, indigo child, crystal child or rainbow child, and if you are attracted or interested in any and/or all of the topics mentioned above, then this is without a doubt the book series for you!

The first installment- The Initiation provides a fresh and unexpected plot that will keep you coming back for more!

The story is about Sienna Sinclair, who thinks she is just another typical teenage girl who is trying hard to fit in with the high school crowds, which she feels alienated by. But when she refuses to fit in and instead aims to be herself, a trickle of events push for an inner change, that includes being contacted by a mysterious secret society that has been safeguarding her and her family for years from the vile group the dark cabal.

Once she meets the very secretive and handsome Sabian Aveiro, her “guardian” and member of the secret society, which blossoms a very complicated, yet deep relationship that has existed since the beginning of time. These set of events pave the way for Sienna to uncover a secret that has been kept from her all her life as well as awakening her supernatural abilities that had lain dormant within.

These changes will trigger an inner realization that will change her life forever.  Sienna along with her brethren the “Starseeds” must fight Merak and the dark cabal so as to release their power and control over Earth’s humanity and aid the planet in reaching the “Golden age” prophesied throughout the world, if not, Earth will forever be lost in the dark abyss.

Starseed is a coming of age novel series that will marvel readers in the search for immortality, empowerment, and inner realization, a goal that must be achieved by rising from the ashes by discovering the powers that lie within each one of us that can transform the entire planet.

I will be adding info as we go along the publishing process and will reveal a secret or two about the first book.

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I hope to kindle your imagination 🙂

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