Be light in darkness

In these dark times we see how natural disasters are attacking our beautiful earth and it's beautiful people. People are loosing their homes, everything they have. The devastation witnessed in the victims faces and voices, breaks our hearts and souls.
We also see it in our political sphere, where words of hatred and destruction are poisoning our minds, hearts and energies. We are turning against each other, instead of coming together as one nation, one tribe, one world.
We must be light in this darkness. This is the time when we must rise against the racist and hateful rhetoric of our political leaders that are affecting us as a whole nation and world.
We are all one- and as such we must remember to be there for each other, step up, give a lending hand in any way that we must or are able to. Be it monetary, be it with positive and loving words, be it with assistance or support. There is no small help for someone who truly needs it! Be loving instead of hateful, be supporting, instead of critical, be a friend, instead of an enemy.
So in these times- let us be our very best version of ourselves- of our higher-self to be light in this darkness.
If you wish to help the Red Cross with any type of assistance in any of the catastrophes that have hit us recently- please visit here.

Love and light,