Lunar Eclipse & 11/11 Portal powerful transformation

This week we have a powerful lunar eclipse in Taurus ♉️ and an upcoming 11/11 portal where the alignments are so powerful, it is very easy to manifest, attract and bring in what your heart truly desires, and be able to grow your energy, and raise your vibration consciously.

However, I get asked these questions all the time…how do I manifest what I want? and how do I grow my energy or raise my vibration?


Firstly- you know what you DON’T want…so you don’t end up attracting people or situations of that type of low vibration. Therefore, you must remove yourself from those people, places or situations that are lower vibrating. Period. You cannot grow your vibration/energy if you’re stuck in places, situations or with people that are not a match to your energy!! Sorry. Your energies collectively will clash, so one of you has to dim/lower your vibration to stay in the same energy field. There’s no way around it. It’s not Hocus Pocus, it’s quantum physics. So trust me you don’t want to do that. For you will continuously attract more of that same type of low vibrational energies. So please walk away, create boundaries. Don’t stay in situations or with people you’ve outgrown or that don’t match your vibration. When you don’t know what you truly want, you’ll bring in all sort of stuff you may not desire (this energy brings in confusion and contradicts your own energy) and will bring in a roller coaster of energies (highs and lows). In the words of my favorite energy reader Steve- “You’ll be a magnet 🧲 in a nail factory, and all the nails come flying in!” So when you know what you DO want, you stay clear of undesired situations by tuning into that specific frequency of what you do want! So be very precise and specific of what you DON’T want! You don’t want to keep attracting crappy, low vibrational stuff and people! Trust me! And hone in on only on what you DO want.

Secondly – you bring that energy/focus back to you and only on those things you DO want by allowing in only positive/high vibration people, feelings, experiences and situations. Like energy attracts like energy! So only surround yourself with like minded, same energy/vibrational people, places and situations. No exceptions!

Thirdly- you release it (your desires) to the universe/God/divine source and don’t worry about it…release it to the universe, therefore leaving a void for the universe to bring it in without controlling the outcome or how it’s going to come in.

That’s where the faith comes in (the void).

This is, however, the hardest part of manifesting because as over-thinkers that we are (as Homo sapiens!) We focus too much on ego and in controlling how everything must happen, therefore limiting our creation. We are failing to surrender to the flow of the universe and how things will come in. You can’t over think you’re creations into being. You have to feel them. This is actually the fun part, if you allow it!! Just focus the energy back to the present moment, to feeling the beautiful feelings you desire in your life and that will mirror back to the universe of what you’re trying to attract. It’s all a feeling universe. It’s not a thinking universe. It all comes about with our feelings, so if you’re trying to overthink or over control. It’s not going to come in. Allow the feelings to flow by focusing on high vibration feelings such as: Gratitude, happiness, bliss, peace, and love! This last one especially unconditional LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe that will bring in everything at high speeds! Hence why I stress about maintaining a positive/high vibrational space (with like minded energy). So now that you know the steps…trust it…and have fun bringing in and manifesting all that your heart ♥️ truly desires!

This full moon 🌕 in Taurus ♉️ and 11/11 portal are powerful alignments that are bringing in necessary collective changes more easily. Highlighting what’s both toxic and also what is meaningful in our lives, and chose accordingly. The universe in a nutshell is pushing for change and realigning destined, meaningful, deep things, situations and people to flow into our lives, and allowing a full release of what no longer serves our soul. It’s a fated time. Remember everything is energy, which can never be destroyed, only changed or transmuted. This is the perfect time for this. It’s divine timing! The energy is perfect! Don’t lose the opportunity of these powerful energies to grow your own energy, raise your vibration and frequency and chose what’s best for you!! Choose wisely! It’s a magical and powerful time! ♥️

Happy lunar eclipse 🌚 and 11/11 portal!! ✨ 🌌

-Mariela Narvaez ♥️

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