Here in the 3D plane of existence we perceive things in duality. In black and white, dark and light, good and bad. These opposing view points are but a mere illusion for this is a distortion in the matrix. We cannot divide our selves in this duality. We must embrace all the in between and see things in the gray, in the middle, in all the colors. For all you need to do is connect with your core, to your heart and unify these polar opposites to become whole. Your inner union is a part of realizing this truth. So stop judging them as things being this way or that way, placing them in either polarity. The experiences and situations coming up are for your soul to experience these array of colors, feel the entire spectrum of emotions and become whole, be in balance and in union with yourself. In order to transcend or escape this duality, we have to recognize that you are both of them, and you can’t chose one over the other. Every being in the universe is built by both of them, so your truth lies at the center, at the core. So break free from this program, this illusion is a mere distortion. Rise above it and look down from a 5D lens to understand this truth. This is part of your soul journey and what you must uncover when you come back you your center, to your soul and you open your heart. Surrender, brave soul, life is happening for you. Perceive to understand, and become whole. Let go of the program and delve into your core, into your heart, it’s calling you to awaken and experience all the colors of the rainbow.

-Mariela ♥️

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