Light and darkness

Light and darkness.

Within your beautiful being you
have both light and darkness.
For in your soul expression here in this
reality you needed to go through
the darkness to find the light.
This darkness allowed your soul
to experience and learn certain lessons,
but most importantly it made you
realize who you are and what you
we’re capable of doing and becoming.
You needed both the light and the
dark to learn & understand.
Your pain is a part of you that
you’ve transmuted into power.
You are not meant to dwell in the darkness
and in seeking the light, both these
expressions have made you whole.
You must dwell in your center, in you heart
to bridge heaven and earth and to live in
harmony with the ever flowing universe.
What darkness does is to create matter,
structures, that helps you to realize
that you are only a reflection,
a mirror of the universe and
what your meant to overcome.
To understand you must not go up or down,
but to the core, the center, your center.
The only way you can transcend
the light into the darkness, as the concept
we have is to honor your roots that bind
you to earth, and honor your branches,
your leaves that reach the sky.
Connected to both heaven and grounded
to Earth, like the tree of life.
Going to the core is the only
way to create your new reality and
honor yourself as a creator in this universe.
While our own light is what pulls us
through and made us who we are,
so was the darkness needed to conquer
the challenges and pain to become our
greatest selves. So honor all that you are,
both the light and darkness that shaped you.
Live in the center, dwell in your
heart and soul to become whole.
Like the ying and the yang, the cosmic
duality, opposing yet complimenting
cosmic energies of nature that achieve
balance, harmony, & union.
Such as the merkabah principle of
opposing energies in perfect balance-
masculine and feminine, earth and
cosmos, thus achieving wholeness,
balance and union.
You’ve risen above, you know
what you’re capable of achieving.
You understand that the darkness
and the light are but mere tools
to understanding your true power

and who you truly are at the core.
Rise above brave soul,
you’ve set yourself free.

-Mariela ♥️

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