Start each day with a thankful heart.
For you are blessed in more ways then one.
Even if we sometimes lack the material,
or you are not yet where you want to be
in life, however, you can see the blessings
that have already touched your life.
The sunshine’s warmth on your skin, experiencing a sunset, a starlit sky,
music, a poem, a genuine smile,
a loving glance, words of encouragement,
a helping hand, a tender touch, a true friend, the chance to wake up to another day, unconditional love, getting to encounter beautiful people who somehow touch your soul.
Because true happiness comes from
the little things in life, these moments of wonder that take your breath away.
All these blessings are aligned with
your own soul, feel them light you
up from within.
These are all blessings that are paving
the way for more to come when you
have an open and receptive heart.
When creating your reality, it is important
to feel love in your heart, for this is
how we create, and thus be graced
with more when we are open to
receiving such gifts.
Allow what flows to you, and feel grateful
for receiving such blessings that are meant
to be experienced by your soul.
Do not resist them, allow them to
touch your life.
Live in love and gratitude, for these two
high frequency emotions will pave
your life with more of such gifts.
Your life is unfolding with an open heart,
let you heart lead you, and be thankful
for the magic coming your way.

-Mariela ♥️

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