Spirituality/Medium/Divine Channel

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This is my story:

“If I have healed the pain of a wounded heart, my life has served its purpose”.
“Si he podido aliviar la pena de algun corazon mi vida ha servido para algo”.
-Salvador de Madariaga

I was an extremely sensitive child. I felt things too deeply and could read others energy in ways I could tell about a person just by being in their presence for a few moments. The information that came in gave me too much insight into others that I did not understand how I could know or sense things about personality, feelings and even premonitory information (we will into further into that a little later). My intuition was very keen and I was confused and didn’t understand why I seem to know things about events or people that ended up happening.
Even at a young age I could not watch the news and/or movies/TV shows that were more dense in nature (murders, horror, etc.), because my emotions and energy would instantly shift and I would feel extreme sadness, depressed and upset. I immediately took on those emotions, affecting my energy instantly. I learned to stay away from such material early on.
It came to no surprise that as far as I could remember, I could see and sense spirits, angels, archangels, high dimensional beings. I would see my grandfather and I would talk to him often. He was always around me, and it was not until I was older that I realized he had passed away shortly after I was born. I experienced precognitive/premonitory dreams that came true, and I also had dreams regarding family/friends that had passed, and many of those I had never met, or they had passed prior to my own birth.
I was always told it was my imagination, and society, school, and religious dogma, stressed that all of this was not true or possible and was all in my head or imagination. I stopped talking about it and it became something I repressed for fear of people thinking I was crazy or weird. Being sensitive was deemed as a negative thing and I was always told to try to be stronger and “not so sensitive”. Unfortunately, I ended up blocking this ability and I ceased to see spirits, but they never stopped trying to communicate. My grandmother came to me a week after she died, and I saw her with my physical eyes. Both my twin sister and I shared this visitation experience. Despite many attempts to repress this ability, I continued to sense spirits, angels, and read people, situations and dream about events and people that continue to bombard me. Signs/symbols, intuitive hunches, voices, feelings, energy shifts, thoughts and synchronicities- my entire environment talks to me on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I am living an alternate reality or sci-fi movie. I keep getting divine/universal nudges to continue to work within, on my spirituality and soul journey, and it was when I started to do head down this path, is when everything began to heighten and open up again. At times I prayed to not have these abilities- were these gifts or a curse?…I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t until I embraced my gifts and honored who I am at the soul level, accepting the good, and the bad, and I finally felt complete and whole and that I was finally living my truth, despite what other thought of me.
I continued to have experiences with spirits, ghosts, precognitive thoughts/dreams, and even connecting to God/divine source, the angelic realm and even higher dimensional beings, which I call “starbeings” Amun-Ra collective. Interestingly enough, the further I traveled down this path, like-minded individuals ended up crossing my path, including many spiritual teachers, healers, mediums, and chanellers, that have shaped and strengthened my many skills. I worked on energy healing (Reiki, Pranic healing), Mediumship and Spiritual life coaching with wonderful renowned teachers! I am happy to have received many certifications in these areas of study and learned so much about myself in the process, once I accepted who I was on the inside- on a soul level. I had to let go of fear, of what others thought of me and step into my power.
In 2019, I lost a very important person. I referred to her as my soul mom (since we had a very unique mother/daughter bond- that we both knew came from previous lifetimes). Spirit/guides and angels came to me 1 week prior to her death clairvoyantly, with signs/symbols/synchronicities and dreams, and even my cell phone would call her all by itself! I did not understand what the urgency was, why such insistence to contact her, my entire environment bombarded me with signs of her, until I found out why a few days later, when she passed. Since then, she has come to me via meditation, dreams, feelings, clairvoyantly, channeling/mediumship and signs. I know she is truly happy and will be with me always.
Once I accepted my abilities, they continued to heighten and develop. I feel honored to have had many spirits/guides come to me in dreams, mediumship, transmediumship, channeling angels and higher dimensional collectives, clairvoyantly, and through signs/symbols/synchronicities from my environment. A few years back I wrote a book that came to me via channeling my guides/angels and the higher dimensional collective “starbeings” I call Amun-Ra, as I know in my heart, I did not write this book alone which was the birth and genesis of “The Starseed series”. I recieve this information from hearing voices from spirits, and through all my clairs (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience and clairgustance) which have opened up in wonderful new ways- I am speaking the language of the universe- the language of spirit. It’s like pandora’s box was opened and could never be shut again. Once you inner sight can see, you will forever be changed, and you can never be blinded by the truth. I connect daily with my team of light and love, which continue to upgrade my abilities and continue to ascend in leaps and bounds. I continue to have mystical experiences, including tapping into past lives and even getting glimpses of the future. My gifts continue to expand, and I am honored to have been gifted these abilities by God to help others.

So own yourself, own your differences, own your path, own your journey, own your challenges and struggles. Own every part of YOU- that make you the masterpiece you truly are. You are a unique soul.
My heart and soul have urged me to go down this path, as I know this is my mission on Earth and is what fulfills my soul. My deepest desires are to help others, to help heal others, aid in someone’s pain and transform this into love, and bring them peace. Most importantly I serve spirit/the divine for one sole purpose: to be LOVE and LIGHT in this world.