Understand your path

Understand your path.

You have a great purpose in life.
You were born to do great things,
to shine light into this world.
You have forgotten the very reason
of your existence.
Do not play small any longer.
The path is being highlighted by your soul.
Continue forward where your heart is leading you to go.
The unfolding is as it must, the steps being taken are indeed those of the divine will.
You are co-creating with the cosmic heart who knows your destiny.
It is time to remember who you are within.
This inner voice is waking you up from
your slumber and igniting your heart to proceed into the unknown, and into a greater path.
Follow the inner voice beckoning you.
Have the courage to face your inner
truth that’s calling you.
Leap forward into your path.
You’ve been called back home.

-Mariela ♥️

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