Stand in your truth

Stand in your truth.

Deep inside you know the truth within you. Do not hide any part of who you
are any longer.
Accept and integrate them to become whole.
This process takes a lot of courage, because you must disintegrate from limited programming, and outdated beliefs that were instilled by your ancestors, society, and culture
coming from a place of lack, judgement and polarity that are. not in alignment
with the truth in your soul.
This is all crumbling, let it.
See these illusions for what they are,
but do not let them control you any longer. That is the illusion.
Remain truthful to yourself, to this
process of unbecoming.
Stand in your power and honor your
soul that is guiding your life.
The divine will, removes and provides when it is so needed for your personal growth and to bring you back to
alignment with your highest self.
Source is trying to show you the
greatest truth within yourself.
Remove the mask, let go of the illusion,
and stand naked in your raw truth.
See both the light and the dark, the
inner beauty of your soul.
Allow yourself to become vulnerable and accept each part that you are.
You are beautiful, don’t you see?
You are an extension of the divine source.
Allow yourself to face your shadows and release the shackles gripping you.
This is not who you are.
Accept what is trying to birth into life.
Honor this connection within, and remember your true origin.
Embrace your truth and stand in it firmly.

-Mariela ♥️

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