Quantum Physics: Proves there is an afterlife

I read this article today which is mind blowing! I love reading and studying quantum physics because it teaches us the real nature of reality and the universe. Go
Here to read the entire article where scientist Robert Forza explains this concept.
The idea of reincarnation or afterlife has existed in all major religions and spiritual traditions and at at some point some retracted from this idea and disclaimed it, including the catholic religion.
Regardless of whatever religious authority says, sometimes we cannot reject those crazy deja vu moments, or those experiences we have when we walk into a place we have already been before. Or what about when we meet someone you know in your heart and soul that you have met before. I don’t intend to open a can of worms, I say this with the utmost respect to those religious traditions that oppose these views.
We are an extension of the divine, and God allows for these experiences for our personal growth and to attain inner awakening and thus connect us to the divine collective consciousness.
If you believe this or not, quantum physics and science is showing us that we, consciousness- create our universe, and time, space and death are constructs of our mind.
Check out Dr. Brian Weiss who’s life work

has delved into this topic by mere accident. His books are amazing!
I like to think that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Star Rise- The Initiation talks about these very amazing possibilities!
So whatever you believe, make the best of this spiritual experience, grow as much as you can, love infinitely and create a peaceful space around you so we can collectively create a different consciousness and create a more peaceful state.
Since ultimately what we think and feel creates our universe. So let’s make it the best it can be!

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