You become what you think about

The picture of the day explains it all, so I won’t expand much on it, but I will stress on these three things which need to be in line in order to bring about that which you truly desire.
Our emotions, our thoughts and our imagination need to be in the same frequency of vibration, meaning- they all need to give you that joyous, happy, excited, passionate feeling. If one is not aligned, it will throw everything out if balance. So if you truly want
something, for example a brand new car, a loving partner or happiness, but your feelings are those of worry or doubt, that thing that you want dearly won’t manifest.
So allow your feelings to be your guide system. Wake up every morning with a smile, be in a feeling of constant gratitude and think via imagination of what you truly want, and see how quickly all the things that you want that make you feel good will be draw to you- like a magnet.
Most importantly, don’t react to the negative, since by doing so we bring more experiences that bring you that same negative feeling.
So, be positive and have fun in the creation process, but above all- believe in yourself and in your dreams!

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