We create our own universe


This phrase has been stated by numerous leaders, teachers, scientists, writers, sages, inventors, etc. So why is this so hard for us to believe? Our self-doubt is due to years and years of ingrained thinking and we honestly think that our success and happiness depends on others (education, employment raise, boss, teachers, government etc.)

But what if I tell you that the moment YOU decide that you are a co-creator of your reality, you will begin to manifest your heart’s desires and only then will your reality will be in line with what you truly want.

How do we make this shift? It is easy and yet, for some, it is extremely difficult. We need to firstly understand that we are all energy, everything is made of energy and our brain emits frequencies, more powerful and intense than even radio frequencies that can literally travel across the world and even to the universe.

Can you fathom this idea? This is quantum physics. Just ask Einstein, Tesla or Edison, they knew this factual information. So how can we take this information and apply it in our own life.

Firstly, we need to believe it, with our hearts, no doubt, no fears. This is the first step, then we need to put in our mind via imagination or visualization until it becomes a belief. Secondly, our emotions need to match the frequency of what we see in our mind’s eye.  So we need to feel happy, joyous, excited that what we see in our mind is already here, that we already possess it. This step is probably the hardest since, who can feel happy when they have a mound of debt? By being grateful of what you already have, will shift this negative feeling to one of gratitude.

Thirdly, we need to take action. This step usually comes via inspiration, coincidence, luck, serendipity, synchronicity. Whatever the mean or mode it comes to us, we need to make this step and take an action.  We can never win the lottery if we never buy a lottery ticket, right? So we need to act upon something that has never been there before, that has aligned with our reality, so we can make action to propel ourselves to this new reality.

The last step is to always keep learning, by expanding our minds, we can perceive new opportunities and realities that will change our negative, ingrained thinking and we will then realize is that not only do we create our own universe, but we are also part of the universe and we affect its very existence.  Our mind is so very powerful! So don’t let it hinder your reality, expand it and let it be free and allow it to become what it was born to do…CREATE!

“You create your own universe as you go along.”

― Winston Churchill

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