The Biggest Secret: Does the Illuminati-Elite control our world?

This might sound like a conspiracy theory to you, but we are getting the same information from many different sources regarding the ruling elite aka- The Illuminati. Below is a link to David Icke’s theory which resonates with so much truth. Please open your mind prior to reading it.

In this time where a conscious shift is occurring, where we are realizing that we are not alone and we can come together as one and unite to become free of all the chains that are binding us to a life of chaos and darkness. We are light and as powerful and bright as the stars in the firmament,  with faculties which lay dormant within, but once awakened can transform your life, your reality, and our world.

In the Star Rise series, I talk about this process of awakening and realizing your full potential. It is time you awaken from the dream and break free from the control of the dark cabal- The Illuminati. We are powerful and unique! You have the ability to create your own reality and universe.

Let us come together and become one, and free ourselves from these chains, and realize once and for all, that we are not walking alone on this path. Together we are so much more powerful, together we can transform the entire universe.


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