Happy National Daughter’s day!

Being a mother to an unbelievable soul such as my beautiful daughter Sienna has been one of the biggest blessings of my life! From witnessing her first breath, being able to breastfeed her to nourish her growing body, watch her grow each day and reach those special milestones- from crawling, walking, (falling), running & now driving! The time went by too quickly and to have been able to forge such a deep and close bond with her unlike any typical Mother/Daughter relationship- is my biggest gift! We’re the Mexican version of the Gilmore girl’s Rory & Lorelei! I’m so lucky and blessed to have a daughter who’s also my best friend, my confidant & biggest supporter!!! Happy day to you my beautiful princess and now a true Queen 👑 with a national crown/title!You’re existence has been one of my greatest treasures! Te amo mi Reina!!! ♥️

Photo credits 📸 by Alexsandra Kolesnikova, Bobby King & Matthew Taylor ♥️


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