Find the freedom to Fly!

Celebrating Mexican Independence Day!! 🇲🇽

“Don’t you dare trim back those wings because they’re taking up all the space in the room. Let them break the roof.” -Erin Van Vuren 💕

“When she spread her wings and leaped screeching into the air she had not the slightest doubt that every hand below her would stretch to catch her. And if one could leap from a height with no fear of falling, could one not be said to possess the secret of flight? Just like a bird, just like a god.”
-Anthony Durham ♥️🪽🦅

goddess #fly #freedom #independence #wings

Photo 📸 credit by Bobby King 👑
Mariela Narvaez 👑♥️
-Ms. USA Universe Global 2023
-Mother/Daughter USA Universe 🇺🇸👑❤️
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