Soul Encounters

Soul Encounters

God/the divine/source/the universe sends you different people to connect with you in this Earthly plane.
They are no accidental meetings between souls, for you have planed these significant moments before you incarnated into this life.
You are meant to cross paths and experience each other, to learn, to express, to love, to interact, to live, to cry, to heal, to open your heart. There are many reasons of which you have no control over. There are no chance encounters.
Allow yourself to surrender to these encounters for your lessons are worthy of the magical Interaction and deep connection you will feel. These will be a lesson, blessing and sometimes both. Some of these will be soul mates, some karmic partners and some twin flames. You’ll know more and feel who is who as you experience their energy and understand the lesson and the reason for coming together.
You cannot escape them. Trust the feeling you have with these souls, allow your inner knowing to teach you and allow yourself to learn through these interactions of what you are meant to. Do not run from them.
You will understand the meaning and purpose as they are catalyst for your life and for inner change meant to transform you. Some will break you down and some will build you up. Realize the difference.
They will lead you to your own inner
truth and inner power.
Some you’ll need to let go of, or will exit your
life at some point in time, and it’s meant to be this way, and some will be pulled to you like a magnet, unable to detach or let go. For these are your
Safe Haven. These are leading you back home to yourself. Surrender your heart to this beautiful experience and welcome home! You’re about to fulfill your greatest adventure yet to be lived.

-Mariela Narvaez ♥️

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