Accept yourself

Accept yourself

You are a being made up of all
the colors of the rainbow.
You are meant to feel and
express and array of feelings
and color. Life is not white or
black. We are all of it!
Every shade in between and
beyond. Integrate every part
of who you are, and love yourself
as you are. Do not limit your understanding
of the physical world. You’re meant to rise
above the three dimensional limitations to
expand your understanding of the
true nature of the universe. Your are beyond limits.
You are an expanding eternal bring meant to rise
above the 3D and create a magical existence.
You have the power within you.
Do not be a product of your
environment, create with purpose,
create with the power of your heart.
Be yourself and embrace who you
truly are. Follow the star in your own
heart and be moved by the music
within you. Let the world listen to your own song.

-Mariela Narvaez ♥️

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