You are a divine creator.
You are creating your world with the power of love.
Loves starts within and extends
without to crate a new reality.
Focus on what you love, on what
brings bliss, happiness, joy
and passion, for in doing so, heaven radiates within you.
Follow the beating of your heart,
for it knows your truth and rightful
path to take.
Do not deny this powerful force that guides your life.
The universe is working within you to transform your life.
You are a miracle and full of wonder, do not forget your power.
Your greatness is significant to this
earth mission and you have the power
to transmute all negative
into positive and make a difference.
You have the power, magical one. Remember and believe.
Your destiny is unfolding.
Step into it with the courage of your
heart, and never doubt again.

-Mariela Narvaez ♥️

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