The language of the universe

The language of the universe.

Within your soul you can tap
into and understand an ancient
language that transcends space,
time, dimensions and realities.
This is understood by all sentient
beings who are able to connect to
the soul of the universe.
This celestial communication has the power to speak straight into you soul,
even when words lack the power to
explain such truths felt only from
within, felt only with your heart.
This language is a mystic system that
flows through you and is rooted in the universal symbolism and archetypes
of the universe.
For when you align with this source
energy of truth, you begin to make
the connections, and your mind becomes
a receiver of information that
transcends all realities.
Your mind becomes synchronized
and you connect to the field of
energy of unlimited universal
information. For once you’ve
synchronized your energy into
coherence between your heart and
mind, you can connect to this field of wisdom, truth and unlimited possibilities.
For these signs, symbols, images,
motifs, coincidences, feelings
and synchronicities become the way
of your understanding of this knowledge
pouring forth from the universal soul.
You doubt not it’s meaning and purpose,
for you understand it with you heart.
Open you heart and mind to this infinite wisdom and understand the power that
lies within you waiting to be uncovered.

-Mariela ♥️

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