Let go

Let go.

There is a karmic baggage that you’ve
been lugging around far too long that
is preventing you from moving forward.
Situation, feelings, emotions, judgements,
fears, erroneous templates, negative thinking,
flawed programming and people.
Yes, we’ve all encountered and experienced pain,
do not stay in a victim mindset, or allow them
them to trigger you, take hold of you, and strip
you of your power. Let the lesson not be
wasted and be fulfilled instead.
Apply the wisdom learned by each karmic situation that was meant to be experienced, lived and expressed by your soul.
For that is the goal of this life, your soul must
gain the wisdom by expressing
itself in the physical reality.
Now that you understand, let go of what no longer serves you or resonates with your soul.
Release the karmic baggage and realize the true
purpose of everything you’ve ever lived and
experienced. Be it considered bad, good, or
somewhere in between, for this darkness was
required, was necessary for you to see the light
and understand the truth.
For your pain became your power, you transmuted the dark into the light, and you’ve transformed experience into wisdom.
You realize that you had the power within you all
along, you can rise above anything, by stepping
into your greatness you’ve seen what you were
truly capable of accomplishing. You’ve had the
power all along courageous soul.
You see this now and you understand.
Now let go, and release what no
longer serves your soul. It is time.
Dare to tread forward. You are free.

-Mariela ♥️

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