3D to 5D

3D to 5D.

Once you are no longer attached
to the programming of the 3D, you
will start to rise dimensions.
For when you no longer see judgement,
are attached or are triggered by
the lessons, people and situations,
you realize and understand
their true purpose for being.
Their purpose was about experiencing
these situations and all the emotions
attached to these lessons.
For their very purpose was aimed
for your soul’s evolution.
Now you understand and have become
an observer looking down at your own
creation and thus understand the all.
The wisdom acquired is how you become 5D. You see and understand why you
lived each situation, it wasn’t good or
bad, it was merely for you to experience it.
You transcended your reality. You are able to become not only a creation, but also
a creator itself.
Your soul’s expression is why you are
here and why your living such a reality.
When you feel stuck, your soul is trying to
show you the way, you must change.
If you do not, the universe will force this
change upon you, for it is your soul’s
purpose to learn, evolve and understand.
What happens in the 3D has a purpose.
In the 5D, acquiring the soul wisdom
is what matters, it is when you feel the truth, not when you can speak the truth.
So therefore you must feel the truth
within you, and flow with the universe’s constant changing waves, this is our story in this reality.
Flow and become 5D by no longer living
in attachment to restricted programming,
negative thinking, judgements, fears, blame, false beliefs, and instead rise above to understand and perceive the beauty of living such a magical life you’ve created.

-Mariela ♥️

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