You knew there was something
special inside you. Not quite being able to fit in,
you always stood out.
You hid your gifts for fears of not belonging.
But the more you honored your inner truth, you remembered who you are.
You could hear the voices of your ancestors
whispering in the wind.
When you close your eyes, you could
see a world come to life.
You can flip the pages of eternity, you glimpse into the past and into the future. The images sketching a picture so beautiful that you could never doubt again.
For you understand that time is an ever present
moment, a forever loop in eternity.
The touch of your hand can turn lead into gold.
Your tender gaze has the power to crack open hearts. When you look into another’s eyes, you can see their soul reflected within, and you get a glimpse of their infinite being. You’ve connected the dots, like the myriad
of a starlit constellation. You look at the ancient
stars looking down, and you know your origin.
You know where you’re going, and where you’ve been,
and which path to follow. The path of your soul beckons you, you hear it loud and clear.
You are walking on it alone. For this is your journey.
But you’re never truly alone, are you?
You know your soul, and you’re connected to all
that you were before, in every past life your soul
has known, for they walk alongside you.
You are connected to every sentient
being and everything pulsating with life,
for you are one, and thus you understand.
No fear in your heart, your courageous soul leads
you now, you follow it’s insistent calling.
Your heart already knows the way.
Become the way. Let it move you.
The destination lies in the journey.
You are already home.

-Mariela ♥️

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