Release what no longer serves you

Release what no longer serves you.

Within you lies a compas guiding your life.
As you continue to evolve and walk
down this winding road of life you
are transforming.
This process entails you to unbecome
all that you are no longer,
by releasing old programming, outdated beliefs, limited view points, judgements, fears, and 3D ego constructs that
are no longer valid or in alignment
with who you truly are.
There is pain in change.
Unbecoming requires inner strength
and courage through this darkness.
Face your fears, or else the will always
have power over you.
You are an unlimited co-creator with
source and as you unbecome, and
release what is no longer serving
your soul, you step into your authentic self and you discover your true path.
Do not worry that you overprune and
are left with nothing.
From this nothing, from this void, from
this stillness is where all possibilities
are created.
You will bring forth what is truly in alignment with your soul and it will find you.
Fear not, have the courage to face this
darkness to become the light.
This is the heart of alchemy,
you are transmuting lead into gold,
you are the treasure.
Allow yourself to shine your light.
It’s time to show the world who you are.
Emerge from the alchemical fire and
face your truth. Let go and surrender.
Step out of the know, disentangle from
those programs and barriers you’ve built.
Trust in something greater than yourself.
Walk down the path unknown.
The divine is all around to catch you.
Let go. Your destiny is calling.

-Mariela ♥️

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