Open your heart to love

Open your heart to love.

By opening your heart,
you open to the way of love.
To live a life of miracles & magic
where all things arise from the
universal heart.
Allow yourself to listen to the heart
wisdom that is leading your way
into a fulfilled destiny.
You have sought out the wisdom that
lies within you, it is the truth within
that is transforming your life.
Understand there is only oneness in love,
it is the most powerful force in this
universe that connects all sentient beings.
Allow your heart to open and feel
what is stirring your soul.
It is this truth within you that is
beckoning you back home to yourself.
Your soul is constantly dancing with the divine, each step you take is lead by
your soul’s voice which is like music
to our hearts.
Have the courage to follow it.

-Mariela ♥️

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