Truest Love


What is LOVE?…Love is so many things…Love has inspired paintings, music, movies, poems, writings. How can one single emotion transform and create such beauty in this world? Love is a feeling- the most powerful feeling in this vast universe- a frequency a vibration that can lift us to the heavens and we can live “heaven on Earth”.

“Love is the most powerful force in the universe.” – Mariela Stewart

I am not only talking about romantic love, which on its own- is a magical form of love, where you meet your soul’s counterpart and become one in that moment- forever. But the truest form of love is to see others and love others despite their imperfections and to push the envelope a little further, it means to love even our worst enemies- or in Gandhi’s own words- love the meanest of all creations.

How? I know what you may be thinking- how can you love people you hate or place such strong judgments against or have strong negative feelings stir within you, that you cannot find it in your heart to look past those harsh feelings?….Can you not see a spark of the divine, beneath all that?

I tell you it can be done. Even our adversaries, those we deem as  “bad” people- even those have something great within (whether they- or us- realize it or not), rather we want to admit to it or not. We judge harshly- if we cannot see the divine in every sentient being on this Earth, we are not truly loving. We must see with the eyes of the soul- not the mind.

Those people may be lost in darkness, may have had a tough upbringing, and they live a hate-filled system or environment. We may not know the struggles or battles some people have gone through and they may be living in fear, hate, and darkness because they have never experienced love. Before we judge, we should not fight hate with hate (as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke), but fight love with love.

Because the truth is, we are all divine soul-full beings…magical beings that have power and greatness. The only difference is that we allow the darkness to overcome the light. In truth, each and every one of us has the power.  We do not need a spiritual teacher, a life coach,  a mentor, or anyone to transform us (while a little guidance and nudge may be needed for some from time to time), spirit, the divine spark, God, the universe, angels (whatever belief you may have) will give you the ability and powers to transform yourself.  This power is yours and yours alone and no one can take credit for that. That is your own journey of inner transformation.

The point is, are you ready? Ready to step into who you are meant to be- and to love with every part of yourself, even those we think may not deserve it. I say yes. Love your family, your children, your spouse, your partner, your neighbor, your friends, your enemies (they especially need it more). Because when you truly love- with all that you are- you can transform yourself and kindle other’s spirit- and just like sharing the light from the fire of a candle, other candles can be lit from the same flame-a love-grid will connect us all,  connect our hearts as one- to transform the world with LOVE.

So on this day, remember what love is…and what it is not. Love is compassionate, love does not judge, love is just, love does not hate, love forgives, love does not envy, love is truth, love does not expect, love is light, love does not sing its own praise, love is humble, love does not pride, love is kind, love is not arrogant, love is freedom, love is not conditional, love is patience, love is not hate, love is unconditional….the truest love is eternal.  Everyone in this world is worthy of love.

Today- let us honor LOVE! Love everyone you come across with, love everyone in your path, in your circles and love those who don’t know they are loved. Be love and be light, and you will see how together we can change the world with the strongest force of all- LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day my beauties!

Love and light,




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  1. your words just come through my heart, YES I am ready for love
    I am waiting for the second book of the startseed series, can hardly wait, I want to know if Sienna will finally marry Sabian or not☺
    thank you Mariela
    Never never stop blogging please

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