Gift of Friendship

Sometimes we wonder why and how on earth we end up meeting certain people along the path of life that they instantly end up becoming our “soul sisters” or “soul brothers”; and we almost feel that they were sent from above. Since they come in a time when they were deeply needed.
These special friendships become a part of your learning process/experience on the school of life and either it was what you needed to help in your soul’s ascension and learning or, you become a guide to them and you have an influence in their life experience and growing.
I am only referring to those people who create a positive atmosphere in your life, not those who cause negativity and are like leeches, egocentric and one way in their friendship. Beware of these type of people!
So remember to give thanks to all those special people in your life who brighten your life and who are there for you no matter what.
I have had amazing friends who have touched my life deeply. I want to thank my twin sister and best friend for always being there for me! There was a reason why God chose her to be my twin and best friend in this lifetime!
My novel Star Rise is all about this special friendships which not only impacts our life, but our destiny!

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  1. Im so touched thank you for your words i thank the universe to have chosen you to be my twin and my soulmate you make me a better human being. And i cannot express how i have changed my life. I love you.

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