The Broken Road of Life

Why are you on this path we call life? Many of our intentions- whether they were purposefully or un-purposefully invoked have lead us to the present moment of our reality. The broken road as many have called it, have brought us many challenges, ups and downs, happiness and sadness – all for a higher purpose- the souls learning.
This learning process shapes

and molds our experience and with it, it takes us on a path, the path we are now traveling. Many turns and bumps perhaps were unwanted, but were necessary for our ascent and learning. So think of these as blessings in disguise. Whether it was having to kiss many toads to find our prince(ess), or finding hardship or pain that would makes us value our life, ourselves and the people in our life.
Whatever was necessary and required- good and bad- has brought us to the NOW. To this specific place along our journey which was needed to find ourselves, our mission and our path in life.
So don’t worry about those jagged moments along your journey- be thankful for where it has taken you, for what you have learned and for who you have become in the process!

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